Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two of the three done.

I finished two blocks today. This one is the last of the total hand applique ones. I finished it today and it turned out OK, I think. Now I can piece a whole section of the Christmas Sampler quilt.
I also finished this block which is fused applique. Even fused applique takes a while to complete because of the use of fusible web. You have all of the prep work to do, even though you have basically none of the sewing afterward. So in other words, all the necessary stuff but none of the fun stuff! Oh well. I'm just trying really hard to finish this project. The last block that I have yet to do is a "Noah's Ark" block, but I couldn't really see what that had to do with Christmas other than the fact that it's a popular kids toy and a bible story both. But I just didn't want to include it in my quilt, so I looked through the Christmas blocks I had patterns for and found one that is called Nativity Star. It's wonderful and includes both piecing and applique. I pieced it today and I'll finish the hand applique on it either tomorrow or Tuesday. Wow, then I'll be done with a project I've been working on for more than 10 years.

I got a comment about the Bear quilt. I didn't make up the pattern myself, but it is available for purchase at Interquilten. As soon as I finish the project, it will hang in the shop.

Cindy K-K
Shortcuts to finishing!

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