Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Store moving!

The store is moved. It is all in the new location now and open for business. Come in and take a look!

So I didn't actually finish anything yesterday because of the move, but today I finished two things, or maybe three, but I'm not counting one of them. Here I'll show you:
I promised you and here it is. The completely finished Tomato Quilt! I woke up this morning and sewed the binding on first thing.

Here is a picture of the back. Notice the label! Yes, I labeled it. And also notice the quilting. Most of it is in white because the front was white, but it's pretty neat to see the pattern on the back.

Here is a detail of the quilting on the back. I also did some quilting in green on the dinner plates. Isn't it funny how much green food there is in Italian cooking?

I'm including this picture, not because I finished anything on this quilt but because I found the label. I knew I had printed up a bunch of labels for quilts that I was nearly finished with and I stored them . . . somewhere! I found them this past winter, I had them stored in a page sleeve in my quilting journal. So I figured, it was about time for me to sew it on.

So here it is, attached! All of this happened before noon while I still had some energy. But I figured that I still had some energy for a short time after lunch. So I finished the blocks for this project.
It's an attic window quilt with a halloween theme. I found this little cartoon depiction of tricks-or-treaters. I cut them into 3 inch squares. They have been up on the design wall for a good long time, maybe even months. Today I finished sewing the blocks. I have an interesting idea for embellishing this one. I'm going to have to think and plan a little, but in the mean time, I intend to finish the top of this. The glitz will come in the embellishments.

Well, not bad for one day, and that's with recovering from one of the most strenuous work days of my life! I'll come up with something for tomorrow!

Cindy K-K
Catching up on the finishing!

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Anonymous said...

what an interesting idea for the attic windows quilt! love it! - judy d.