Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More projects finished!

I am finishing projects again. Just wanted you all to know. I am no longer obsessing over my lengthy UFO list like I used to. Now I am simply asking the question, is this something I really want to do? If the answer is yes, then I do it. If the answer is no, I trash it, give it away, or re-purpose it. If the answer is yeah maybe, but not now, then it goes into a box on the back shelf. Simple huh?

Here are a few Applique blocks that I've finished over the summer while my arm was in a cast and trying to heal. I rarely let anything stop me from doing crafts but having a broken arm slowed me down a lot.

The Scottish Thistle. This is a block from Baltimore's Country Cousin, the book we are exploring in our guild Applique BOM. This is one of the alternative blocks. I now have six of these blocks done out of 12.
The Fantasy Flower Block, this one is from Hearts and Flowers. I liked this color combination so much that I decided to do the entire quilt of 12 blocks out of this color way. So you will undoubtedly see more of these. I also have a scalloped heart shaped frame pattern that I intend to use on these. It's going to take a lot of fabric but I think it's going to be a beautiful addition and make it into a truly spectacular quilt. All in good time.
My mother has a Christmas Cactus that is almost 50 years old in her house. The thing is huge. I remember when she rooted the slip when I was in grade school and watched it grow all through my high school years. So when I saw this applique pattern I had to include it in my Baltimore Album.
I was told by my birth mother "Sweetie, you're mostly Irish!" So I've been connecting with that side of my heritage ever since. This Celtic Cross that I designed from a picture I saw of a gravestone is part of that connection.

I am still working on heart blocks for another heart applique quilt. I am also working on circle applique blocks for a larger version of Japanese Circles using up most of what was left of my oriental fabrics. It's looking very cool! I am nearly finished with the applique. A few more nights should have it done!

Thanks for viewing, more to come!

Cindy K.-K.