Friday, January 8, 2010

No pictures today

I finished the prep work today on four different Baltimore Album blocks. Two of them are from the guild project, and the other two from the Applique BOM that I'm doing at Interquilten. On top of that I finished the patterns and instructions for the two store BOM's. I figure that means I'm finished with the class prep. Now I just need to do the sewing on the four blocks. Next time I report on one of these is when I finish the sewing.

Many of you might think this is cheating, that I really didn't finish anything today. If that's true then you never prepped applique before. It can be very labor intensive.

One of the projects I prepped was a Hawaiian applique Breadfruit pattern. There are several steps to completing this prep work.

1. Take a piece of freezer paper four times the size of the pattern. Fold it into eighths.
2. Draw the pattern on the eighth panel of the folded paper.
3. Carefully cut out the pattern through all 8 layers.
4. Carefully unfold the paper pattern and iron it to a piece of fabric.
5. Using a prisma pencil in a color that will show up on your fabric trace the pattern using the freezer paper as a template. Remove the freezer paper.
6. Press the background fabric and fold it into quarters, press again to create centering folds.
7. Layer the marked fabric onto the background fabric centering it onto the pressed in folds.
8. Pin in place.
9. Baste the entire outside of the applique fabric with heavy quilting thread.
10. Baste the entire inside of the design at least a half inch away from the drawn line.

At this point the piece is ready to be stitched.

No two pieces of applique are alike in what they need as prep work. One of the pieces only needed small bits and pieces cut from freezer paper patterns. One needed bias tape made from whole fabric. One needed a freezer paper stencil cut with an exacto-knife. I worked on these things all day long and now it's nearly 7 pm and I consider myself finished! I'm calling this number 17!

I'm going to relax tonight with some knitting. Maybe I'll be able to finish a sock tonight! Or get near enough to finish it for tomorrow. I work tomorrow.

This is going to be a very busy week. I work Saturday and Monday at Interquilten. I am going to spend time with friends on Sunday. Tuesday is the day the store is moving across the street. We will be very busy packing and unpacking that day. Wednesday likewise. Thursday is Borders. Friday I have off! Saturday is Saturday Sew. I'll be able to get something done those two days! I will endeavor to finish at least a heart block every day this week and work on something more. We shall see!

Cindy K-K
Running out of quick finishes!

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