Sunday, December 27, 2009

Number six done

These two blocks, well actually they are 8 blocks sewn together into 4-patches. They are the beginnings of another of my famous Wild Log Cabin bags. I had some fabric left over from the M-go blue bags I made for my mom for Christmas and wanted to make a maize and blue log cabin bag. I got the blocks done today. The next step will be for me to layer and machine quilt them, which I will do at my next Freemo class in February. I love the scrappy look of this bag. The only problem with doing scrappy blocks is that afterward you have to clean up. Anyway, I have to work again tomorrow, so I might only be doing another heart block. (grin)

I also finished an organizer today but I need to find a button to sew on, so maybe I'll finish that project for tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Cindy K-K
The finisher!

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