Sunday, December 27, 2009

I did finish something today

I worked today at the shop and had an Applique class. I had two beginning applique students and I have an applique heart quilt that I am working on just so that I will always have fodder for beginning applique students. The heart is the perfect form to applique because it has all the shapes that you need to be able to work on, it has straight aways, it has gentle curves, it has an inside point and an outside point. The beginning project is always twelve hearts appliqued in some configuration on the background. So today I pulled out one of my heart blocks for my primary colors quilt and finished it. I hardly think it's worthy of a whole blog but I did finish that one block. I suppose on the days that I work and can't get more done it's better than nothing.

Now here's the thing. If I had the better part of a day to work on applique, I can usually get way more than this done. So If I ever work on this project on a non-work day, then I won't count it unless I get at least four or five blocks done. There are a lot of blocks of varying sizes in this quilt but each one has only one heart appliqued on it.

OK, I guess I'm finished justifying! Number five it is!

Cindy K-K
Finishing little things one day at a time.

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