Monday, December 28, 2009

Number 7 finished!!!

This is a new design for an organizer that I invented. I will be writing the pattern for it soon and it will be available at Interquilten. It builds on the little plastic baggie organizer that Connie Stevens made for all of us at the last retreat. This one takes the quart sized freezer baggies and six of them are sewn into the quilted shell. It closes with a hair rubber band and a button. The first one I made didn't have handles but I like it better with the handles. The pattern will have both options.

The first one I made about two months ago is holding all of my hand sewing needles, but it would also be good to hold sewing machine accessories, or the things you need for applique, or fishing lures, or anything that needs to stay dry like matches or maps or I don't know. One of my customers at the store came up with about ten different applications for this little organizer. It's just made out of fabric and plastic baggies so it's completely washable. OK, how many advanced orders can I get for the pattern. That would make me finish that project faster!

OK, I gotta go work on something for tomorrow now!

Cindy K-K
finishing more and more.

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