Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Consumate List Maker

Yes I am! I make lists of my lists! I keep lists of everything, especially projects. I have a list of finished projects that I have completed over the last few years. It's in a Black notebook, written in light colored gel pen. I started using this book in 2002 at the bequest of an Internet guild member who suggested that keeping track of the projects that one finishes is sometimes more inspiring than keeping a list of things to do or projects that need to be finished. So My goal for the next 365 days is to write something down in this book nightly. The last thing I finished was on December 11, 2009, it was a gift for my mother for Christmas. Something called a "green bag". It had more to do with it being the type of tote that one uses to get groceries, than the actual color, but as I recall it had a lot of the color green in it as well. I think I have managed to finish a few things since then. I finished two Plarn bags. Plarn is made from plastic bags. Plastic Yarn=Plarn. To see a good video on how to make Plarn go to this website:

So I'll start with that. No I won't count them. But I will record them since I'm recording. I'm starting tomorrow. I thought long and hard and I did not manage to finish anything today. I worked on the green socks, and the black Plarn bag. but didn't manage to finish. So tomorrow I should be primed. I'll finish one of those two things tomorrow and post it on here. What an interesting year this should be.

The quester,
Cindy K-K

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