Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Number 8 finished! Whew!

Yeah, for a second or two, (make that an hour or two) today I was afraid I wouldn't get anything done. I couldn't seem to settle on one project. I was so scattered today, I got one thing out and moved it from point A to point B and then it lay for three hours while I went off and did ten other things instead. I thought maybe I could make the plarn for a whole bag AND get the thing crocheted all in one day. But I couldn't. Then I thought, well I could finally get to that one Halloween project that has been on my design wall since, yeah, before Halloween, but all the further I got on that was to pull the two fabrics I needed to make the blocks. Then later I cut the fabric.

Anyway this project that I actually did finish shortly before midnight yesterday was nearly finished, I only needed to applique two of the big leaves on it. I was waiting for a work day to finish this one but I pulled it out today and well, here it is! This is one of the applique blocks that we are doing at Guild. We are working out of a book called Baltimore's Country Cousin. This is one of those blocks. I have been working on Baltimore blocks for six months now and I'm only partly done with my Baltimore Album quilt. OK, there will be more.

I think the best thing for me to do is to make weekly goals. I realize that the week is half way over already but starting tomorrow I'm going to do that. I'm still going to finish a project every day but my weekly goal will be a bigger project to finish. Sometimes I will need to finish parts of it in a day.

So keep track of my progress by watching the new weekly goal side bar.

Keep me honest dear readers!

Cindy K-K
finishing things bit by bit.

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