Thursday, December 26, 2013

Still Trying!

This year, I'm going to focus on finishing as many quilting projects as I can. I am now a writer and as such I need to focus mostly on my writing career, but I still have this hobby taking up a lot of space in my house, if not my head! So I need to finish off these projects once and for all. I already have plans on how I am going to get rid of a few of them. I have one gold charity quilt on my list that I think I need not finish. If I simply give it to our charity group it will get done in some way shape or form. I'm thinking that there might be a few others I can get rid of in that way as well. So that will be one piece of progress that I'll report on after the next guild meeting. I plan to do these things piece mail (so to speak)(GRIN). My goal is to get one major portion of each project done daily after spending the first three hours of each day on my writing career. I will choose one project from the lists at the right and I will set a goal to finish at least one major step in the process of finishing that project. For example: For the Lone Star quilt, I already have the strips cut for the star points, so the next step is to sew each individual point together. I have that job nearly half way finished already so that would make an easy finish. Once that is finished the next step would be to put them together into a star and add the corner squares and triangles. Then the next step would be to cut and attach the borders. My focus at the moment is to finish the piecing of these quilts. So I would stop there and let the quilt sit in the box I have for finished quilt tops. Eventually I intend to match up these quilt tops front to back and machine quilt them, that way I have two-sided quilts. It gets rid of the projects twice as fast. I'm not worried about this method. I already have plenty of quilts for my beds and my family all have a quilt made by me with few exceptions (and I'm taking care of those this year too). So that's the goal! Once these last four lists are all empty and gone, I will start with the machine quilting and binding. Those are my favorite steps so I will enjoy them when they get here later on this year. I will post nightly (I hope) with my progress. Watch as my lists disappear into the cosmos and more finished quilts ready themselves for the 2014 quilt show in Traverse City Michigan. More on that later! Have fun, friends. I know I will! Cindy K.-K.

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